Staffing – Advising - Product Evaluation - Project Management

Consulting Services

We have experience helping organisations make the transition, and help them to see the benefits of increased efficiencies,
improved productivity and minimised downtime.

Staffing : We are experienced in sourcing and recruitment for workforce solutions. Our team uses a hands-on approach in the selection process, performing background and certification checks, but more importantly, we speak with our candidates face to face and spend time with them to make sure they have a mindset, attitude, and work ethic that properly represents our organization. We also keep our recruitments trained at our expense to ensure you have a current day skillset at your disposal.

Advisory and Consulting Services: Many organizations have technology cycles in which they replace systems such as CRMs, ERPs, homegrown applications, Infrastructure services, and more. Through our consultancy practice, we assist with identifying and understanding business processes and requirements to help find or create a platform that meets your needs.

Project Management: We could bore you with terms such as PMI, Six Sigma, and Prince 2 as a project management methodology or even Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum as an approach. What we can assure you of is our dedication to transparency, keeping the customer informed, staying on schedule, and on budget. Scopes always tend to change and in the agile world, changes to scope are anticipated and planned accordingly. Our Project Managers are not only certified but EVM trained and capable when required. Our PMs are truly dedicated to their craft and love what they do.